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Companies, institutions

Entities generating waste from the used electronic equipment as a result of their activities are provided with the collection and management of waste as well as full documentation confirming the service (m.in waste transfer cards, fixed assets liquidation protocol and others). We prepare the offer based on the data regarding the amount, the type of waste and the location from which the collection is to take place.

We buy back the production materials from the production plant of the equipment.

Contact person: Dariusz Piechota tel. +48 509 038 746

We also provide services related to:

For further information, please contact the logistics department by e-mail or telephone.

Stores, services, retail chains

We provide collection of waste on a very preferential basis to stores dealing with the sale of household appliances and TV sets, retail chains and plants providing services in the field of repairing the above-mentioned. We provide a free pickup at the minimum logistics of 500 kg. We also provide the possibility of collecting some used light sources, as well as used toners and cartridges. It is possible to sign the agreement of permanent cooperation. We can prepare a special offer for companies which collect significant amounts of waste.

For further information, please contact the logistics department by e-mail or telephone.

Municipalities and associations of municipalities

You are invited to cooperate with municipalities and associations of municipalities. We provide you with the service of Selective Municipal Waste Collection Points in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment collection, used light sources, toners and cables. We have also prepared for you an offer to organize a mobile waste collection point (referred to as ZSEiE). The collection of this type is dedicated exclusively to ZSEiE waste and is an excellent complement of a large-scale waste collection organized by "operators" selected by tender. Municipalities that establish cooperation with us in this regard provide:

For further information, please contact the logistics department by e-mail or telephone.

PSZOKi and Other Collectors

We provide selective municipal waste collection points by means of different offers tailored for individual needs. We provide waste collection from all ZSEiE groups and types and in a very wide logistics range (from 150 kg to 24 tonnes at a time). We provide waste collection containers (metal baskets) to entities generating significant amounts of waste.

To the municipal companies, we offer the cooperation in the field of:

For further information, please contact the logistics department by e-mail or telephone.

SEEA processing plants

All the ZSEiE processing plants are kindly invited to cooperate with us, if only interested. We propose to establish the cooperation in the field of purchase/sale of electronic equipment, purchase/sale of fractions from the processing of e-waste and services in the field of fragmentation and separation of waste generated in the processing process. For companies providing waste with codes 191204 and 160216, we provide waste management and issuing certificates confirming recycling.

We have the technology that allows us to develop materials that have even a minimum amount of metals > 5%.>

ZSEiE Recovery Organisations

We invite for cooperation any Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organizations, which have an obligation towards manufacturers and introducers specified in the Act of 11 September 2015 on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. All Recovery organizations are provided with cooperation in the collection and processing of seaweed from groups I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII.

We encourage you to cooperate with us.

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