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We provide comprehensive e-waste recycling solutions

Collection of WEEE

We are able to prepare, collect ad transport each type of waste electrical equipment from any company or institution.

WEEE processing

We provide management of WEEE, we provide such services as: grinding, disintegrating, separating, disintegration of printed circuits or cleaning and separation of metal scraps.

Household appliances recycling

We have extensive experience in the processing of household appliances, including fridges. Our modern fridge line has the capacity of up to 1,000 pieces per day.

Safe data recycling

We guarantee a safe process which erases data that can be present in old telephones or laptops, servers.

Raw materials recovery

W procesie recyklingu odzyskujemy i przygotowujemy do dalszego przetworzenia metale żelazne, metale nieżelazne (złoto, srebro, miedź, ołów czy tak popularna ostatnio platyna), tworzywa sztuczne (powszechnie zwane plastikami), szkło, a także wiele innych.

Ready-made regranulate

We have a modern regranulation line which is able to prepare a ready-made product in the form of regranulate of plastic for re-use in production.