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CSR Actions

We believe that goodness comes back!

We highly value all kinds of activities related to the dissemination of education, both in terms of recycling, especially WEEE, and environmental education. We can see that nowadays the future of our planet is only in our hands.

That is why Elektrorecycling, as a company and as a brand, is involved in numerous CSR campaigns.

We organise e-waste collections, environmental workshops, educational meetings and many other activities that take place every year.

Only in 2022 we participated in:

  1. numerous educational meetings in schools and kindergartens,
  2. educational picnic combined with waste collection - INNEKO,
  3. beach volleyball tournament - a CRAZY BEACH,
  4. collection of electro-waste equipment at the Poznań Science and Technology Park competition to educate pre-schoolers and schoolchildren through active collection of electro-waste.
  5. Organising and supporting local and regional environmental initiatives.

We are also a co-organizer of ODN@ WIAMY – an event organized jointly by the Foundation Soon to Return and RLG Poland, https://odnawiamy.org/.

We would like to thank all companies, organisations, as well as individuals, and especially our staff, friends and families for getting involved in all these activities.

If you have an interesting idea and/or proposal for us, write to info@elektrorecykling.pl.