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About the Foundation

The Foundation "I will be back soon" derives directly from the Foundation "Stary Las", which was founded on 12 July 2007. It continues its ideas and assumptions that focused on ecology, environmental protection and recycling.

"I'll be back soon" is an organization involved in activities for environmental education and promoting environmentally friendly attitudes in everyday life and business.

“We are enthusiastic about the circular economy approach – the circular economy and the green economy.”

The activities undertaken by the Foundation are based on:

  1. Increasing public awareness in the area of human impact on the environment.
  2. Education in the field of minimizing the negative impact of man on the environment and the effects of this impact.
  3. Increasing knowledge about recycling processes of various types of materials.
  4. Promote the re-use of raw materials from recycling processes.
  5. Organising and supporting local and regional pro-ecological initiatives.
  6. Promoting the idea of recycling and circular economy.

The Foundation "I'll be back soon" is a co-organizer, together with Elektrorecykling and RLG Polska of the annual ODN@WIAMY campaign.

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